Established 1994

Who We Are

TACOR is an innovative leader in the repair of aircraft parts. We are a forward-thinking, private company that offers quality repair services, utilizing creative ideas and engineering solutions to save even the most troublesome parts. Click the link below to learn more about us.

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What We Do

While fusion welding is our core competency, TACOR also offers a variety of additional services in the field of Aircraft (MRO). These Services include: resistance welding, NDT Inspections, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Sheet Metal, Media Blasting, Painting and Clean/Test/Inspect .

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FAA Certified

TACOR is a repair station certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (certificate number T6AR528J) under Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 145. Please click on the link below to view our Air Agency Certificate. Contact us directly if you need to see our complete Op Specs.


EASA Certified

TACOR is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to conduct business with its affiliate members. Working through a bilateral agreement with the FAA, EASA has jurisdiction over its member airline’s N. American repair service providers. Click below for Certificate.

Embraer approved source of repair of flap tracks and rails for their entire family of aircraft.

Flap Rail Capabilities

TACOR is the worldwide leader in the repair of Embraer Flap Tracks and Rails. We build up the worn material and machine back to exact tolerances. We then have the rail coated with an ultra-thin layer of tungsten carbide via the HVOF method (High Velocity Oxy Fuel spray, video above) . This makes the roller surface much more durable than an uncoated surface. TACOR has repaired thousands of these parts with an incredible success rate. Projected life of our repairs is 5+ years and counting. Below are several types of the rails we can handle. Contact us for more info.

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