Established 1994

Helicopter Repair

The TACOR Approach

TACOR is introducing our entry into the specialized world of Rotorcraft Component Repair. The operating conditions that a helicopter experinces are often brutal on many structures. Untimely removals can cost the operator in multiple ways, up to and including the grounding if aircraft. TACOR is now working to help operators solve many of these issues with several repairs that are designed to bring damaged metallic and composite parts back to life.

Applied Expertise

Utilizing our expertise in TIG welding and 23+ yeas of serving the commercial airline industry, TACOR stands ready to support our friends in the Helicopter marketplace. TACOR has developed several FAA DER approved Repair Specifications that allow us to repair articles that previously had no technical date available. Our innovative, engineered repairs can save tens of thousands of dollars by not having to replace expensive components. Our quick turntimes keep the need for spares to a minimum. TACOR’s standard turntime for parts on our capabilities list is about 2 weeks, but we do have the flexibility to expedite many orders. Lead times for developmental repairs can take longer but there’s nobody quicker than TACOR in resolving your welding related issues.

While our current Helicopter capabilities list is somewhat limited (but growing!), our ABILITY has no limits.  We have been focusing on costly exhaust systems, structural components, seat frames, skids, and sleds/litters/stretchers.   But there are many other areas where TACOR and its sister company FLITE Components (a composites and aerostructures repair station, can find new solutions to all sorts of problems.  Examples of our recent repair developments include exhaust ducting for Agusta, Airbus, and Sikorsky helicopters.   We can also handle similar products on the Bell and MD series of aircraft.  Contact our Director of Helicopter Sales, Chris Snider, for more information on what TACOR can do for you.

Chris Snider

Director of Helicopter Sales

Phone: 817-219-9055