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TACOR (Tulsa Aerospace Component Overhaul and Repair) is a worldwide leader in the repair of aircraft component parts. Our quality, customer service and prices are unrivaled. We offer measurable savings on many items you are currently outsourcing or replacing. We can also create innovative strategies for parts that have no repair data or limited scopes of repair. TACOR has been extremely successful at developing proprietary, value based repair processes to solve troublesome MRO components.

Our capabilities are not just limited to airframe components. We also work with Ground Support Equipment, engine stands, and hangar equipment. We have even built mobile aircraft jacks and aircraft dollies for high performance racing airplanes. On average, TACOR employees have over 15 years of aviation experience and an average of 13 of those years at TACOR!

TACOR is an EMBRAER approved vendor for the repair Flap Rails on the E-Jet family of aircraft. We perform welding to the worn areas of the track and machine the surface back to tolerance. An ultra-thin layer of tungsten carbide is then applied to create a rolling surface stouter than the original.

TACOR has aligned itself with several OEM’s and large MRO’s to create partnerships that bring a great deal of value to aircraft operators around the world. Check out our capabilities and see what we can do for you!

History of TACOR

The Beginning

The founding partners wanted to build a business that catered to the airlines and focused on repairing parts that were costly to replace. The formula was very basic—keep our overhead low, provide the customer with a quality service at a fair price, in a quick and timely manner! TACOR was established in 1993 and received our Air Agency Certificate in April of 1994.


TACOR began to work closely with engineers and metallurgists to develop repairs that previously did not exist. The strategy worked and we soon became the source for creative solutions to expensive component maintenance. We had created a business that quickly earned a reputation for saving the airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs by salvaging parts that were, otherwise, headed for the scrap heap.


Developed a repair to increase strength and durability of Boeing 757 magnesium thrust reverser cascade vanes. The repair is written into Delta Air Line’s Maintenance Manuals. Opens the door for work at major airlines across the country.


Partnered with then Sundstrand Aerospace to develop a new method for cleaning and testing a fuel flow restrictor used on an Embraer Brasilia and deHavilland Dash 8 aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit. Method is still used today.


The company held over 40 DER Process Specifications that it had developed with the aid of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives. Some were as simple as wheel dust covers (hub caps) while some were much more complex, like the aforementioned magnesium cascade vanes. Estimated savings for TACOR customers on these items exceeds $1,000,000 since opening.

The Move

Originally located in Pryor, Oklahoma, TACOR relocated to the Dallas/Ft Worth area in 2002 after the events of 9/11 forever changed the face of our business. The organization’s ownership converted to new leadership and management with a revised business plan. Now, more than ever, was the time to exercise cost cutting measures. Basically, we kept our reputation but started over with a new location, new employees and a new focus.


Developed a repair for a Canadair CRJ smoke detector cage that saved a US airline over $100,000 in one year.

The Expansion

With continued success and a budding reputation in the aviation community, TACOR purchased and moved into a new facility that allowed for continued growth and expansion. We were now able to operate out of a 10,000 sq. ft. building that incorporates our capabilities in a much more efficient manner. The new shop allowed for dedicated space for each function of our business and streamlined the flow of our work processes.


Worked with EMBRAER to develop a repair process for excessive wear on the EMB 145 series of aircraft flap tracks. This created a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars for operators worldwide.


Became one of 2 approved vendors by Embraer for the repair of the E-Jet (EMB 170 and 190 series) flap tracks. Created a repair that essentially makes the roller surface better than that of a new unit.

The Acquisition

In an effort to expand its’ offering of services for our customers, TACOR acquired FLITE Components, LLC from Aero Maintenance Group (a division of Air France Industries – KLM Engineering & Maintenance network). FLITE is a FAA 145 Repair Station entering its 65th year in business and offers a wide variety of aerostructure and composite repairs, including radomes, thrust reversers and flight control surface structures.


TACOR and FLITE hire a global sales organization to represent our interests around the world. Increasing portion of our business is coming from foreign countries.

TACOR also starts Helicopter Division to give our friends in the rotorcraft business another option for their maintenance needs.


FLITE Components is sold to West Star Aviation.


TACOR successfully completes the repair of its 5000th flap rail for the entire series of Embraer aircraft.

TACOR celebrates 25 years of business!


TACOR continues to look for ways to work for airlines and aircraft operators around the globe. With dozens of customers from 16 countries, our business partners depend on us to deliver quality repairs at reasonable prices with speedy turn around time. We will continue to look at any job, large or small, that will mutually benefit our companies. Contact us to see how we can help you!